Loon Lake, Washington
Serving the Silver Beach Home Owners
Since 1966
Annual Homeowner's Association Meeting

July 27, 2024 (*Always 4th Saturday of July)
Mike Johnston/Marge Lee, 9:30AM
44079 Silver Beach Road, Loon Lake, WA 99148-9615,
Lot 64, LLSD #5060, Mike's Cell: 509-487-8700


Hyper-Reach is the Mass Notification System for Emergency, Critical Events & Urgent Situations.  Stevens County will send out emails or text alerts, you set-up how and when you want to be notified.

You have many options for emergency notification services. Visit their website to sign-up.

Aquatic Herbicide Treatment

Curley Leaf herbicide treatment notice. Aquatechnex will post beach fronts in treatment zones on Wednesday June 29th with herbicide treatment to follow on Thursday June 30th. The Aquatechnex Loon Lake Aquatic Plant Management blog has been updated with the following link: loonlakewa.wordpress.com Link to interactive treatment map: https://arcg.is/mWOT5

Silver Beach Road was oiled May 23, 2023.  "Thank you" to Bill Coats for again organizing the oiling.  A big thank you to all the members that so generously support this effort.


Images of the clogged outlet before clean out and after some much needed work by sewer district #4.

A special thank you to Henry Howe for his images and for posting at the NextDoor portal.

Members are encouraged to report criminal activity affecting their property not only to the authorities but also to our membership.  Being aware is important.
Remember: The website: NextDoor (see link below)
is a great place to go for
up-to-date neighbor information.

A home within our Association was broken into.
NextDoor reported:
Alert:"Just learned our cabin was broken into. Stole a flat screen and looks like they slept in the bed."

Read about neighbor reports by logging into Nextdoor.
See Link below

Some of your neighbors are joining NextDoor.com.  Its a website for local Loon Lake and Deer Lake residents to share information about lake activity, break-ins, events, Lost and Found, and more. Lots of talk about the otters too.  You can Click Here for easy sign up. It's totally free. Ginger Marso-Geil


2017 Legislature that affects recreational boaters. View the Boaters Bulletin for 2017

View some photos of the weir at Loon Lake graciously provided by Henry Howe (Loon Lake) and (previous images) Georgie Evans (North Shore Drive) Images originally posted on the NextDoor website. *update* April 2023 Lake is 12" down and the weir is still leaking.


Updated Forestry Plan 2013


The Silver Beach Homes updated forestry plan is available for members to download and review. Visit the members page

Better Fire SAFE than Sorry
Fire Truck with burning embers Valley View fire 2008 Wildfires are inevitable, especially in dry years, and there is no way to completely stop them. Here on Loon Lake we live within a few feet of our neighbors.  There are steps you can take to minimize the danger of fire. Visit SBH FireSafe page

Dept of Ecology
Curious about the water level of Loon Lake?  Find out how fast the level is dropping each day.  The Department of Ecology monitors current water levels at Loon Lake and provides historic data on water levels for past years.  Visit their website and view the tables and graphs for the monitoring station at Granite Point..

Stevens County Fire District 1, now has a website with district news and important information.  visit their WebSite, download Fire Rules [pdf], or view the Fire Rules online.

plat map of Silver Beach Homes
Original Plat Map of Silver Beach Homes dated June 1937, available now as a [pdf] file to download from the Member's page.  *note log-in and password is required for member's page.  

Current issue of the Stevens County ordinances for swimming and boating. [pdf]

Letter confirming permit and giving instructions for placement of buoys in bay.

Aerial Photo of Silver Beach Homes and Back Property

This aerial photo has the Silver Beach area outlined in red to show the location of the Association owned back property.