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Image: Valley View Fire 2008

Better Fire SAFE than Sorry

Take steps to protect your home from wildfires

The images of the Valley View wildfire (2008) are still burned in the minds of area residents.  The devastating wildfire near the Dishman Hills Natural Area in Spokane Valley scorched 1,000 acres, destroyed 11 homes, and forced numerous evacuations.  Wildfires are inevitable, especially in dry years, and there is no way to completely stop them.  There are steps you can take.

Yard care: According to Bill Krueger, pruning manager with C&C Yardcare, the idea is to turn the area around your home into a "park setting".  Tree canopies should be no lower than 12 feet from the ground to prevent flames from jumping into the limbs.

Avoid highly flammable plants: Arboraitaes, popular as ornamental shrubbery, are also highly combustible.

Don't forget your roof, deck, and gutters: Keep these areas clean of pine needles and debris. A single spark can ignite a fire.

Above information: Modified from - Darin Burt: Better Fire Safe than Sorry

Night view of Spokane fire

You can do MORE!

Keep the area around your home "park-like"    

"Lean, Clean, and Green"  What does it mean?

Lean: Small amounts of flammable vegetation around home
Clean: No accumulation of dead vegetation or other flammable debris
Green: Keep plants healthy and green during the fire season.

Churchill Steakhouse
Spokesman Review: Christopher Anderson


(Below) Barbecue fire on Loon Lake

Loon Lake barbecue fire Here on the lake we live within
a few feet of our neighbors.  Be sure to clean up debris
and pine needles for your fire safety and your neighbors.

Loon Lake barbecue fire 2

Owners soak down burned area after fire.