Loon Lake, Washington
Serving the Silver Beach Home Owners
Since 1966


Image: Loon Lake Washington -- Source: Ridler Real Estate

Some of your neighbors are signing up at NextDoor.com.  Its a local website for sharing information about Loon Lake activity, lost and found, etc. 
Lots of chatter about the otters seen around the lake.  Give it a try.
Just Click here to sign up...it's free!

Also try Hyper-Reach: Emergency notification system.

Annual Silver Beach Homeowner's Meeting
July 27, 2024 (*Always 4th Saturday of July)
Mike Johnston/Marge Lee, 9:30AM
44079 Silver Beach Road, Loon Lake, WA 99148-9615,
Lot 64, LLSD #5060, Mike's Cell: 509-487-8700

Meeting Notice
[pdf] Agenda [pdf]

2024 Annual Membership Dues $35

$100 Road Oiling Fund Annual Contribution
Dues and Road Oiling contribution = $135.00

Dues Notice