Loon Lake, Washington
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Loon Lake, Washington

Loon Lake is a Stevens County lakefront resort community about 35 miles north of Spokane, Loon Lake is named after the lake itself. Loon Lake is in a mountainous setting at 2400 feet elevation. It's crystal clear water is surrounded by towering pines, firs, and cedars. The lake provides excellent fishing for silver, mackinaw (state record) and German brown and rainbow trout (stocked by state yearly), plus bass, perch and crappie. An ideal lake for fishing and vacation for a day, week, or an entire summer.  The lake is surrounded by private homes and two public resorts. as well as, a public launch for boats.

Quick Facts
City: Loon Lake
State: Washington
County: Stevens County
Zip Code: 99148
Area Code: 509
Population: 30948
Latitude: 48.107165
Longitude: 117.627815

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Common Loon, Photo courtesy of Ginger Gumm and Daniel Poleschook

The Common Loons produce four major call types.  Visit
 https://loon.org/the-call-of-the-loon/ to hear a sampling of each:

The Common Loon is a large, goose-sized diving bird with long body that rides low in the water. An adult is 2-3 feet long, weighs 8-12 pounds and has a wing span of 4-5 feet. It can fly at speeds approaching 100 mph. Although the loon's diet includes crayfish, frogs and leeches, minnows and small fish are the most common prey. The loon will spend almost all of its time on the water, going ashore only for mating and incubating eggs. The loons generally mate for life and produce 1 to 2 eggs each season. Common Loons can live for 20 - 30 years




Web cam located on highway 395 at the Loon Lake summit


           Annual Loon Lake   Boat Parade 2004




49 Degrees North:  Ski reports, maps, weather



Clothing optional  Annual Bare Buns Fun Run



Loon Association


Lake Level at Granite Point

Water lever monitoring. This station records lake level only. Adjudicated Lake level = 86.33 ft